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Aftermarket Car Parts That Increase Senior Safety

Senior drivers face greater challenges compared to their younger counterparts. With decreased mobility and less reliable eyesight, there are a variety of things that can go wrong for your senior loved one while driving. According to the CDC, over 500 elderly drivers are injured in car crashes daily. Wondering how to improve your elderly loved one’s safety when he or she is behind the wheel? Here are a few car parts you can pick up at the local auto store that do just that, provided by Home Care Assistance of Summit.

Key Extenders

Even though many modern cars are starting to use keyless ignitions, there are still plenty of cars on the road that use old-fashioned keys. A key extender attaches to the key, offering more leverage and more room to grasp it. By using one of these devices, you can be sure that your loved one with limited mobility or arthritis doesn’t cause self-injury while trying to use the car keys.

Panoramic Mirrors

As your loved one gets older, he or she may have difficulty turning to check mirrors or blind spots. Luckily, panoramic mirrors are a cheap and effective solution that can provide a wider line of sight. Clipping one of these additions onto the existing rear-view mirror can help your senior loved one avoid car accidents.

Pedal Extenders

Unfortunately, airbag deployment in cars can potentially be fatal for elderly people if they happen to be too close to the steering wheel. Installing pedal extenders is a great way to make sure your loved one is safer behind the wheel. These tools can save lives by helping drivers maintain a greater distance from the steering wheel and offering more comfortable access to the gas and brake pedals.

GPS Tracking Systems

With a GPS tracking system, you can monitor your loved one’s speed and location in order to make sure he or she is traveling safely. If an accident occurs, many GPS systems can alert authorities so your loved one can quickly receive necessary care.

Are you worried about your loved one getting behind the wheel? It might be time to consider Summit hourly care. At Home Care Assistance, our part-time caregivers can assist with transportation, running errands, and grocery shopping among other things. To learn more, give us a call at 908.450.9400 and speak with a friendly Care Manager.