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The Cognitive and Research Center of New Jersey

If your aging loved one is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or significant memory loss, you can find help at the Cognitive and Research Center of New Jersey (CRCNJ). This facility has a staff of experienced geriatric specialists with a focus on clinical research. Studies are conducted for the following conditions:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • dementias
  • mood and anxiety disorders
  • ADHD
  • insomnia
  • behavioral disorders
  • Tourette syndrome

Their staff is comprised of dedicated neurologists, psychologists, researchers, scientists, and psychiatrists, all highly skilled in diagnosing cognitive disorders. Using specialized assessment methods, they are able to make diagnoses that may have been missed by other medical professionals. Once receiving a diagnosis, it’s recommended to get help from a qualified Alzheimer’s or dementia caregiver  in Summit, New Jersey as you begin to form a comprehensive care team to ensure your aging parent or loved one receives optimum around-the-clock care.


The two services provided by CRCNJ are evaluations and psychotherapy. An evaluation can verify a diagnosis and lead to effective treatment. Psychotherapy can provide emotional support to seniors and caregivers.


A major benefit of seeking help at CRCNJ is the ability to participate in medical research. Doing so gives aging adults access to the newest treatments being developed. By participating, seniors also experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction knowing that they’re able to help advance the understanding of diseases, promoting more effective care. Study results are provided to scientific meetings, medical journals, and government agencies.

Medical research takes the form of clinical trials. These are short-term treatments that target a specific condition. Studies are currently being performed on memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Participants for these trials are chosen based on gender, age, disease, and treatment history. To determine eligibility, interested participants need to complete a questionnaire and obtain a memory screening. Participation is free and some studies may provide compensation to cover the cost of transportation, parking, and meals. However, before enrolling in a trial, it’s important that seniors receive approval from their primary care physician to ensure that participation doesn’t conflict with current medications and treatments.


All trials are approved and overseen by an Institutional Review Board of medical professionals and patient advocates. Doctors and researchers investigate study plans before they’re implemented. They verify that studies are ethical and safe.


One of the services offered at CRCNJ is psychotherapy. This treatment has many benefits for those with cognitive disorders and their families. It provides an opportunity to speak with a compassionate professional who can provide insight and support. Some of the advantages of obtaining psychotherapy include:

  • Improved problem-solving
  • Heightened confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved relationships
  • Decreased stress

In-home senior care in Summit can be a powerful form of supplementary home care, offering 24/7 caregivers for constant companionship, social stimulation, emotional support and help with daily tasks. When psychotherapy and professional in-home senior care are paired together, many aging adults experience heightened well-being as their quality of life improves.


CRCNJ accepts Medicare. If you do not have Medicare, it’s still possible that services may be reimbursed by other insurance providers. The CRCNJ office will provide you with forms to submit to your insurance company or Flexible Spending Account.


Following are four considerations for visiting CRCNJ:

  • If your loved one has a cognitive disease and current treatment has been unsuccessful in managing symptoms, you may want to consider a clinical trial. Doing so can sustain hope and put your senior at the forefront of advanced care.
  • If your loved one has symptoms of a disorder but has not been diagnosed, an evaluation at CRCNJ can provide a diagnosis.
  • If your loved one is exhibiting low self-esteem, depression, or frustration, they may benefit from psychotherapy.
  • If you want a second opinion on a diagnosis, obtaining an evaluation can determine if your loved one is receiving the right care.

To be contacted regarding eligibility and a memory screening, you can access the CRCNJ questionnaire by going to

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