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4 Changes the Elderly Can Make to Their Diets

Seniors may not find it easy to eat healthy. However, committing to a nutritious diet doesn’t just help your loved one look and feel better, it can also help him or her save money on healthcare. Summit elder care professionals list 4 easy dietary changes your loved one can make for better health.

1. Skip the Extra Helping of Red Meat

Many seniors grew up in an era when red meat was considered one of the healthiest foods around. Over time, researchers discovered too much red meat in the diet can lead to a long list of health complications, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Some preliminary studies funded by the World Health Organization have found many types of smoked red meat contain carcinogens as well. Encourage your loved one to cut down on the amount of red meat he or she consumes.

2. Fill the Plate with Fruits and Vegetables

Tracking macronutrients can be complicated, and so it is important to find easier ways for seniors to judge how much produce to eat at each meal. As a general rule, around half of your loved one’s plate should be filled with a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind vegetables slathered in butter and salt can be just as unhealthy as processed foods. 

3. Don’t Shy Away from Good Fat

A good portion of a senior’s diet must contain healthy fats. Many leading diet plans are filled with healthy, fatty foods such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, and seeds. These foods can boost your loved one’s heart health, provide energy, and even promote cell growth. 

4. Beware of Empty Calories in Beverages

Many seniors don’t realize how many calories some of their favorite beverages contain. Even certain brands of juice are filled with processed sugar, dyes, and countless other additives. Beverages such as coffee and tea are relatively healthy in small quantities, but your loved one may be filling them with cream and sugar. In most instances, water should be your loved one’s beverage of choice, and he or she should try to drink at least 8 glasses per day.

These simple changes to the diet can lead to significant health benefits. For more tips on staying healthy in the senior years, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide hourly and live-in caregivers Summit seniors can trust. We also provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia care. To find out more about our home care options, call 908.450.9400 to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.