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Tips to Help Seniors with Parkinson’s Maintain a High Quality of Life

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease often believe their own bodies are rebelling against them. Their minds might know which actions to take, but their limbs and digits won’t follow through. However, there are a number of strategies for mitigating the symptoms of this disease so aging adults can continue enjoying a high quality of life. If your senior loved one is having difficulty managing Parkinson’s symptoms, Summit, NJ, Parkinson’s Home Care experts have a few tips that may help.

Invest In Mealtime Aids

With the right tools, your loved one can continue managing meals independently while retaining a greater sense of confidence and dignity. Weighted flatware is less prone to movement when held in shaking hands and scoop dishes have nonskid bottoms and higher back edges specifically designed to help people with limited motor coordination scoop their food with greater ease.

Encourage Social Activity

As fine motor control and mobility decrease, it may be difficult for your loved one to attend social activities. Consider starting an at-home book club or help your loved one become more adept at using the Internet to connect with others. If your loved one is mobile, make sure he or she gets out and engages with others. Joining a local support group or attending an exercise class at a nearby recreation center can be uplifting, and participating in challenging activities with a strong social component can foster the development of newer, stronger neural connections.

Sign Up for Therapy

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease should work diligently to maintain as much mobility and fine motor control as possible. Those who are proactive in these efforts tend to have a much higher quality of life than those who are not. Regular therapeutic massage sessions can alleviate muscle and joint stiffness and routine functional therapy can help your loved one learn new ways to accomplish tasks when old methods stop working.

Suggest Continuous Motion Exercises

The best forms of exercise for seniors with Parkinson’s involve continuous motion. Many seniors with this condition continue riding stationary bikes and walking up and down stairs without experiencing any significant changes in gait or balance. Parkinson’s has a less severe impact on the part of the brain that controls continuous motion. Talk with your loved one’s doctor to get recommendations for a range of safe continuous motion activities. Regular exercise can naturally boost serotonin levels and encourage a brighter and more positive outlook.

Schedule Regular Medication Reviews

Many medications for Parkinson’s have side effects that can be just as troubling as the disease itself. Make sure your loved one has his or her prescriptions reviewed on a regular basis so signs of intolerance can be identified and addressed in a timely fashion. Doctors may recommend herbal products, dietary changes, and other natural strategies for rounding out your loved one’s medication plan. For instance, if your loved one experiences anxiety or depression, using St. John’s wort in place of an anti-anxiety pharmaceutical may provide impressive benefits without creating a host of secondary issues.

For additional strategies that can alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of live-in and respite care in Summit, and our caregivers can assist with exercise, provide medication reminders and transportation to physical therapy appointments, and help with a wide variety of everyday tasks. To learn more about senior care Summit seniors can count on, call 908.450.9400 today.