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8 Foods Seniors Can Eat to Stay Regular

If your senior loved one is experiencing frequent constipation, he or she may have pain with bowel movements, and probably feels generally sluggish and uncomfortable. The good news is there are many ways to help him or her stay regular. While drinking adequate amounts of water and being dedicated to exercising can help seniors experience regular bowel movements, diet absolutely plays an essential role as well. Read on for eight foods that can keep seniors regular and relieved, brought to you by Summit Home Care Assistance.

1. Soup

Soup is a healthy, versatile food with a high water content. Choices like lentil or black bean have the additional benefit of offering extra fiber.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt has active cultures that assist in breaking down other foods in the stomach. Yogurt not only provides helpful amounts of calcium, but also adds some good bacteria to the digestive tract.

3. Whole grain bread

Instead of giving your senior loved one white bread, offer him or her whole grain breads such as oat bran bread or 100% whole wheat bread. These types of breads provide important amounts of fiber to the senior diet.

4. Prunes

Prunes often come to mind when dealing with constipation. Prunes not only provide fiber, but also have vitamin A and antioxidants.

5. Bran cereals

Get your senior’s morning off to a good start with bran cereal. These types of cereals provide fiber and roughage that keep the digestive tract in line. Choose one with raisins or add fresh fruit for added flavor and fiber.

6. Berries

Berries are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. Use them in baked goods, sprinkle on top of cereal, or top with a little real whipped cream for a light dessert.

7. Nuts

Nuts provide both fiber and magnesium. Just be sure to exercise portion control, as nuts are also very rich in calories and healthy fats.

8. Flax seed

Flax seed offers both fiber and astringent properties. Just be sure to limit the seeds to no more than two daily servings of three tablespoons each.

Interested in learning more about senior nutrition? Reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our hourly and live-in caregivers in Summit can grocery shop, cook healthy meals, assist with regular exercise, and promote your loved one’s overall wellbeing. Call an experienced Care Manager at (908) 450-9400 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.