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How Spending Time with Grandkids Boosts Elderly Health

Grandkids and grandparents have a special bond that quickly closes any age gaps, and spending time together promotes better health for older adults, benefitting them physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Summit in-home care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss a few of the advantages your elderly loved one stands to gain by enjoying life as a grandparent.

Helping with Homework Boosts Cognitive Functioning

Though grandkids might groan at the thought of having to complete math and reading homework, doing it together offers grandparents a chance to refresh their skills. Practicing spelling words, learning new vocabulary, and figuring out a complicated equation all stimulate neural activity in the brain. Doing these types of assignments can help stave off memory loss while enhancing your loved one’s ability to process information.

Passing Down Skills Provides a Sense of Purpose

Seniors sometimes experience feelings of stagnation after retirement. However, they still have valuable skills that can help future generations. As a grandparent teaches his or her grandkid to sew or cook a gourmet meal, the grandparent gets to enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Because there is nothing like the joy of seeing wonder on a grandkid’s face, planning educational activities is a great way to revive your loved one’s self-confidence.

Laughing Together Chases the Blues Away

The senior years come with many experiences that can lead to depression, such as the loss of close friends and family members. Spending time embraced by the youthful happiness of a grandkid helps remind seniors that life still holds opportunities for fun. Whether your loved one chuckles as a toddler takes his or her first wobbly steps or guffaws at an older grandkid’s silly jokes, laughter truly is the best type of medicine for promoting a positive outlook on life.

Running After Youngsters Promotes Physical Activity

Seniors who spend their days flipping channels on the television have a greater risk for developing heart disease. With grandkids around, sitting for long is never an option. Chasing after little ones or going on a walk with teenagers is excellent motivation for your loved one to get the exercise he or she needs during the golden years.

Though spending time with the grandkids can boost your loved one’s health, he or she needs other opportunities to exercise, socialize, and engage in mentally stimulating activities. At Home Care Assistance, we developed a program called the Balanced Care Method, which was designed to encourage seniors to focus on healthy lifestyle factors. In addition to respite and live-in care, we also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care Summit, NJ, seniors can count on. For more information on our elder care services, please call 908.450.9400 to schedule a free in-home consultation.