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How the MIND Diet Helps Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

The MIND Diet has been getting attention lately for the benefits it offers seniors with Alzheimer’s. by including foods that boost brain health and avoiding unhealthy foods, the MIND diet has been shown to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Summit elder care experts want to share a recent study published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia, which revealed switching over to a brain-boosting diet such as the MIND diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 53 percent.

The Origins of the MIND Diet

Just as with all other organs, what your loved one eats has a major impact on his or her brain health. The MIND diet takes elements from the Mediterranean diet, but it also focuses on antioxidant-rich foods such as berries and nuts.

How a Diet Can Impact Cognitive Health

Anything that increases a senior’s risk of general inflammation can negatively impact his or her cognitive health, which includes the foods he or she eats. Certain processed sugars and saturated fats have been repeatedly shown to increase swelling in soft tissue and organs throughout the body. Alternatively, “clean” foods such as fresh produce and lean protein sources eradicate inflammation and remove the free radicals that can result in Alzheimer’s.

Convincing Your Loved One to Try the MIND Diet

Many seniors are picky eaters because diets often remain unchanged for decades. If this sounds like your loved one, you might want to slowly ease him or her into the diet so there is a chance to adapt to the changes. Systematically removing certain processed foods and replacing them with healthy and delicious meals that adhere to the MIND diet might allow you to make this transition with no arguments or hard feelings.

Making Other Lifestyle Changes

Summit caregivers should also be wary of what beverages their loved ones are consuming regularly. A few glasses of red wine a week has been shown to enhance cognitive health, but heavy drinking can destroy brain cells and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. On average, seniors should have no more than one serving of red wine per day.

If you would like an elderly parent or other loved one to benefit from meals prepared in accordance with the MIND diet, consider hiring a home caregiver. The caregivers at Home Care Assistance are experienced and trained to help your loved one with daily activities, including cooking, housekeeping, and personal grooming. We also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s care Summit families can rely on. To learn more about our customized senior home care services, call 908.450.9400 today.