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Caring for a Senior Who is Far Away

Caring for an elderly relative is a labor of love, and providing care from afar can be challenging. However, there are some things you can do to ensure you’re providing the best care possible even though you can’t always be present.

Call Regularly

One of the easiest things you can do is call regularly. The Summit senior care experts at Home Care Assistance recommend scheduling chats at the same time on the same days each week. Checking in helps you to be sure your senior relative is being well taken care of and getting what they need. It will also give your senior loved one something to look forward to, and let them know that even though they’re out of sight, they aren’t out of mind.

Send Care Packages

Send your senior loved one an individualized care package once a month with their favorite goodies or some new clothes. The package will be a sweet reminder that they are cared about and loved. It is also a great way to give them essentials that they may not be getting for themselves.

Check-in with the Caregiver

If your senior loved one has a live-in or part-time Summit caregiver, make sure you speak with him or her regularly about your loved one’s ongoing care needs. The caregiver can fill you in on your senior’s mental, physical, and emotional health, discuss any physician’s appointments, or address a concern your loved one may have about something.

Write Letters

An unexpected card or funny note can brighten up your loved one’s day. With email and texting being the main form of written communication these days, a handwritten card in the mail is a wonderful surprise. Write about what’s going on in your life to help them feel important and included.

Visit Often

Even though your senior loved one lives far away, it is important to visit him or her in person whenever possible. Traveling isn’t cheap, so you might even consider putting aside funds in a separate account each month just for visits. If they live within driving distance, try to set aside a day (or weekend) each month and keep it consistent. For instance, tell your loved one you will drive out on the third Saturday of each month, and provide him or her with reminders leading up to the day.

Caregiving from a distance isn’t the easiest, but it’s certainly doable with a little planning and consistency. For more tips on long-distance caregiving or to find a caregiver for your loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We proudly offer both live-in and hourly care in Summit, and our caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, which focuses on physical activity, a healthy diet, socialization, mental acuity, and maintaining a sense of purpose. Call us today at (908) 450-9400 and schedule a free consultation.