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Parkinson’s Therapies Coming to Market Worth Checking Out

As a leading provider of Parkinson’s home care in Summit, Home Care Assistance understands the struggle for many families when a senior loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, research is ongoing and has lead to two new treatments available to help improve overall quality of life. In January 2015, the FDA approved two new formulas of the popular PD combination drugs levodopa and carbidopa. The new drugs are called Duopa and Rytary, and both therapies are designed to help decrease symptoms and prevent relapses.


Duopa provides the body with both levodopa and carbidopa through an enteral suspension. This works by supplying the medication through a tube connected to the small intestine, and it offers a continuous dosage for 16 hours or longer. While the suspension methodology may seem like a turnoff at first, Duopa may actually be more effective because it guarantees uninhibited medication absorption compared with taking oral tablets.


Rytary is another recently approved oral version of levodopa-carbidopa. Unlike other oral medications with the same active ingredients, Rytary is an extended-release formula. This means the treatment will last longer with fewer symptomatic episodes. To prevent relapses, Rytary is usually taken three times per day. The dosage may also be increased overtime as needed.

Levodopa and carbidopa have been on the market for years, so many patients and Summit caregivers alike wonder about the advantages of the newly released formulas. Unlike traditional formulas, Duopa and Rytary don’t cause as many side effects, and they may also be more effective in preventing symptoms before they start. It is worth discussing these new formulas with your senior loved one’s doctor to see whether Duopa or Rytary may be a better fit in long-term PD therapy.

Help your senior loved one stay healthy, happy, and safe with the assistance of a part-time or live-in caregiver. Home Care Assistance of Summit expertly trains Parkinson’s caregivers to assist with mobility support, light housework, cooking, and transportation needs to ensure your loved one’s wellbeing and security is paramount. Your experienced Care Manager will be available to you around-the-clock, we have 24/7 availability, and you are never required to sign a long-term contract. Call us today at (908) 450-9400 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.