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Important Habits to Adopt After a Stroke

If your senior parent or loved one has recently survived a stroke, it’s natural to not know where to begin when it comes to helping him or her on the road to recovery. First, talk to their doctor to learn what daily activities are safe and appropriate, and check out the following habits to encourage, presented by Summit stroke care provider, Home Care Assistance.

  • Healthy Eating – Research has shown that only 39% of stroke patients change their eating habits after a stroke. Don’t allow your loved one to increase the risk of secondary stroke and focus on healthy eating by reducing the intake of saturated fats and substituting salt (which causes high blood pressure) with flavorful herbs. Meals should consist of a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains to promote healthy cell recovery.
  • Physical Activity – Exercise is another habit that aids in full recovery. Most stroke survivors cannot handle vigorous exercises and so it’s important to ensure that they only engage in a moderate kind of exercises like brisk walking. Physical activity helps to improve the mood and it also enhances blood circulation. You may even consider joining in on the fitness with your loved one to provide additional motivation and encouragement.
  • A Good Night’s Rest – Sleep deprivation has been linked to elevated blood sugars and high blood pressure that could predispose your loved one to another stroke. As a caregiver, it is vital to ensure that your loved one gets enough sleep in order to fully recover. Make sure the bed is comfortable, the bedroom is cool, and that foods and drink high in caffeine are avoided close to bedtime.

Stroke recovery varies by individual. It can take weeks, months, and even years for an older adult to recover. Along with physical and occupational therapies, it will be crucial for the stroke survivor to adopt the above healthy habits, not only to promote recovery, but to reduce the risk of a secondary stroke.

If you are concerned about the health of a senior loved one after a stroke, reach out to the Summit in-home care specialists from Home Care Assistance. Our trained caregivers and dedicated Care Managers are available to help 24/7 and can assist you in creating the perfect care plan to promote safety and a fast recovery for your parent or loved one. Call us at 908.450.9400 and schedule your free consultation today.