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Fun and Safe Exercises for Seniors to Try

Exercising is important for individual of all ages and seniors are no exception. If your senior parent or loved one isn’t sure how to start their path to a healthier lifestyle, here are some great exercises for older adults, presented by Home Care Assistance of Summit, NJ.

  • Leg Raises – Leg raises are a simple way to strengthen the hip, buttocks, thigh and lower back muscles. It is a simple exercise to do; using a chair as support, have your senior loved one raise their leg either backwards or forwards, holding in that position for a period of a few seconds. Make sure not that your loved one does not bend their lifted leg or point their toes.
  • Light Bicep Curls – Doing curls with light weights is a good way to strengthen biceps. This is important in a practical sense, older adults begin to find it more difficult to pick up heavy items and complete activities of daily living. Seniors can also do this exercise standing up or sitting; simply hold weights with the palms facing up and shoulders tucked in, and bend the elbows.
  • Pushups – Everyone knows about pushups, but is it a safe exercise for older adults? Instead of the conventional pushup or a pushup from the knees, consider modified pushups against the wall, where the wall provides extra support. This type of pushup offers the same benefit as a regular pushup, strengthening the arms, chest, and shoulders so that seniors can enjoy more ease when doing daily tasks and chores.

The in-home caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Summit also recommend cardio and aerobic activities because they provide a number of benefits to seniors such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, burning off calories, improving heart health, and increasing overall energy levels. Great cardio and aerobic activity includes brisk walking, running, swimming, hiking, and tennis.

Starting a New Exercise Regimen

If you care for a senior parent or loved one and are encouraging a new exercise regimen, make sure to start off with shorter workout sessions. Time can gradually be increased as strength and stamina becomes stronger over time. Don’t be afraid to join in or assist your loved one if he or she seems tentative in the early stages, or consider a part-time caregiver in Summit who can provide help with exercises and safety monitoring on a regular basis.

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