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Easy Fashions for Aging Adults

Daily dressing can be somewhat of a challenge for adults as they grow older and are forced to learn how to adapt and adjust to new limitations. If clothing is uncomfortable or difficult to fasten, your aging loved one may become frustrated, angry and begin to shy away from social activities and daily grooming if they don’t have the proper in-home senior care that they need.

It’s important to remember that your aging parent or spouse values their independence and desires to do things such as dressing on their own for as long as possible. Because Summit Home Care Assistance believes in promoting quality of life through assisted independence, we have provided some suggestions on how you can help your aging loved one by picking out clothes that are easier for them to wear. Helping an aging loved one find clothing, footwear and accessories that are simple to put on and take off can help boost their self-esteem and their feelings if independence.

1. Fabric. It is important for them to have clothing that is wrinkle-free and made of easy wash-and-wear fabrics so that ironing and pressing is not needed. Elderly adults have thin, sensitive skin, so it is also recommended to shop for clothing made of soft, comfortable materials that fit close to the body with necklines, waistbands and cuffs that don’t bind or rub. However, keep in mind that an in-home caregiver is able to help with laundering and dressing if your aging parent insists on purchasing or wearing an item of clothing that is difficult to put on without assistance

2. Closures. Avoid zippers and buttons that can be difficult for senior adults to grasp on to. Velcro fasteners and elastic waistbands are ideal for aging adults because they’re easy to secure and gentle on the skin.

3. Footwear. Purchasing the proper footwear for seniors is very important to avoid injury and falls. All shoes should be non-slip and designed to accommodate any foot problems, such as swelling and bunions. Be sure that shoes fit properly to avoid ankle injury and purchase a pair with a fashionable Velcro closure that your aging parent will enjoy wearing.

Shopping can be a fun social excursion for aging adults and their family members or caregivers. Just keep in mind that seniors may find the idea of trying on clothes exhausting and frustrating. Instead, get their sizes before leaving home so that you can purchase items without the need to try them on. Shopping online is another fun option that still allows home-bound seniors to have a say in their fashion choices.

If your aging loved one needs help with daily tasks – such as dressing, bathing, grooming and meal preparation – or would enjoy the social companionship provided by an in-home caregiver, contact Home Care Assistance of Summit, the trusted provider of 24/7 and hourly Summit home care, at 908.450.9400.