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How to Help Your Senior Loved One Manage Holiday Stress

The holidays are often a stressful time for everyone. For the seniors in our lives, holidays can be particularly stressful. This joyous season often brings extra activities, traditions, and responsibilities seniors sometimes are too tired to continue with, but are resistant to discontinue. Home Care Assistance Summit offers up a handful of ways to divide holiday responsibilities and make the holiday season easier for the senior in your life.

Help with Holiday Cooking

Seniors often feel that they are losing their independence, and this may cause them to carry on traditions they find stressful. For example, an elderly relative might continue hosting a holiday party and cooking a feast even though he or she may longer feel up to the task. It can be hard for seniors to give up an activity they’ve long considered their own, like cooking a holiday meal, so use a gentle approach when stepping in. Don’t make them feel like they are no longer capable of cooking the meal, instead make it about passing on and teaching the tradition to the next generation. Keep him or her involved by asking them to make their favorite side dish, or by soliciting cooking tips as you go.

Turn Other Tasks into Activities

Other activities that may bring stress to seniors, such as setting up a holiday tree or decorations, can be made into fun family activities. Make some hot chocolate, listen to holiday music, and put the family to work. Children can help hang ornaments or untangle lights, teenagers can setup lawn decorations, and other adults can lift and move boxes. If family members aren’t immediately available, local churches often have young teens willing to do these tasks, or you could hire a local Summit hourly caregiver to assist on an as needed basis.

Remember to Enjoy the Season

With all of the extra obligations, it can be easy to forget the joy that the holidays can bring. Fix some hot chocolate, grab a blanket, and play your senior’s favorite holiday tunes as you drive around town looking at the holiday lights and festive displays.

To ensure your loved one enjoys this wonderful season as much as possible, divvy up responsibilities or consider an hourly or live-in Summit caregiver. Sharing the holiday to-do list and having regular companionship will help your senior feel at ease during this hectic season. Summit Home Care Assistance offers free in-home consultations and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To speak with a Care Manager about services available in your area, please call (908) 450-9400.