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Alzheimer’s Disease: Learn About the 3 Types

For many years, researchers believed Alzheimer’s was a single disease, which made this condition difficult to treat because every senior showed different symptoms. A recent study at UCLA revealed there are actually 3 different types of Alzheimer’s, which scientists believe can make targeted treatments much more effective in future. Summit home care professionals share these findings on Alzheimer’s and list the differences between the 3 types.

1. Inflammatory

Many different types of Alzheimer’s are caused by chronic inflammation within the brain. Unlike swelling in other body parts, inflammation of the brain generally occurs when proteins attach themselves to clumps of soft tissue. Inflammatory Alzheimer’s can lead to hypertension and elevated glucose levels, and a common metabolic test can determine if a senior has this type of Alzheimer’s.

 2. Non-Inflammatory

If the tests do not reveal protein clusters in the brain but there are other metabolic abnormalities, the person could have non-inflammatory Alzheimer’s. Both inflammatory and non-inflammatory cases of Alzheimer’s produce similar symptoms, but doctors believe they must be treated in different ways. Staying within a healthy weight range, keeping blood pressure in check, and maintaining consistent blood sugar levels can reduce a senior’s risk of inflammatory and non-inflammatory Alzheimer’s.

3. Cortical

This type of Alzheimer’s is unique, as it impacts relatively young adults and does not lead to memory loss during the first few years. Cortical Alzheimer’s tends to affect a person’s language skills first. While researchers are unsure of what causes this condition, it is common among people with zinc deficiencies.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need assistance with daily activities and cognitive stimulation to lead a healthy life. At Home Care Assistance, our Alzheimer’s caregivers in Summit, NJ, provide tailored support to seniors with Alzheimer’s such as safety monitoring, medication reminders, and transportation. Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method slows cognitive decline and boosts mental health in seniors. If you’re looking for a reliable caregiver with experience in helping seniors with Alzheimer’s, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 908.450.9400.