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All-Natural Post-Stroke Therapy Options for Seniors

Although many challenges arise after a stroke, your senior loved one can have a very successful recovery with the right rehabilitation program and in-home stroke care in Summit. The alternative therapies described below can complement those prescribed by your doctor. Before trying any new therapy, be sure to get your doctor’s approval.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is effective in helping stroke survivors communicate, regain movement, and overcome depression. Singing techniques can improve speech, drum patterns can promote communication, rhythm can help restore ambulation, and music in general can assist in regaining lost skills and muscle control. It’s also effective in reducing anxiety. According to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), your health insurance may cover the cost of music therapy.


Essential oils relieve pain, promote relaxation, and improve memory. Following is a list of those that are helpful post-stroke:

  •  Lavender – relieves muscle tension, spasms, and joint pain. Lavender also promotes sleep.
  • Peppermint – reduces muscle, joint, and nerve pain.
  • Sandalwood – relieves muscle spasms and reduces nerve pain.
  • Rosemary – effective for back, muscle, and joint pain. Rosemary also improves memory.
  • Sweet marjoram – relieves stiffness, spasms, and muscle pain.


Yoga is a system of postures and breathing exercises. A study published in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association, showed that yoga is beneficial for stroke survivors. It helps the brain and body readjust and improves balance, facilitates speech, increases dexterity, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress. Yoga can be done in a class setting or at home with a trusted Summit, NJ caregiver to provide exercise support if necessary.

Video Games

Science Daily reports video games can significantly improve motor function following a stroke. Research performed at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto showed that patients who played video games were five times more likely to have improved arm function than those who had standard rehab. To be effective, video games must be repetitive, challenging, task-specific, and unique. These qualities help the brain heal by creating new nerve cell connections, a process termed “neuroplasticity.”


Acupuncture has its origins in Chinese medicine, and is based on a system of energy pathways that connect to vital organs. By manipulating points along these pathways, imbalances in the body can be corrected. Acupuncture post-stroke is used to relieve pain, increase circulation, improve speech, and aid swallowing difficulty.

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