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Special Tools for Seniors with Parkinson’s

There are approximately 50,000 new Parkinson’s diagnoses each year. Inevitably, after receiving confirmation of Parkinson’s, concerns about how to continue a normal and independent lifestyle with this disease begin to arise. However, it is important for each aging adult, along with their family and Parkinson’s caregiver in Summit, to know that they are not alone; in fact, there is an entire industry of products that have been developed that allow seniors to flourish and enjoy life despite having Parkinson’s. Here are some of our favorite products that could help your aging loved one with Parkinson’s.

Eating Utensils

Decreased or affected motor function is a primary obstacle in Parkinson’s care. If the patient is exhibiting some of the classic motor symptoms such as shaking, tremors, rigidity in the limbs, or trouble balancing, it can significantly alter their eating habits and mealtime routines. Products like Dining with Dignity flatware incorporate small rings in the sides of their utensils to allow for increased stability and dexterity for the user. Freedom suction-cup bowls and plates are another great option for combining traditional tableware with the added confidence that they will not be accidentally knocked over or spilled.


The bathroom is another area that can pose mobility-related challenges. However, items like the Ableware Shampoo-Aid allow you to adapt the home to your aging loved one’s new needs by making any sink a viable place for a hair washing! For complete head-to-toe bathing, a hybrid aluminum shower chair and commode can help eliminate the fear of slipping while also creating a comfortable resting position while showering.

In-Home Parkinson’s Care

Products like the ones listed above are all about eliminating worry for the senior adult with Parkinson’s and their loved ones while retaining confidence, dignity, and comfort in everyday life. In addition to purchasing helpful devices for seniors with Parkinson’s, it’s viable to enlist the help of an expertly trained 24/7 caregiver in Summit, New Jersey who knows how to handle your aging loved one’s unique needs.

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