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Caring for a Loved One after a Stroke

Although stroke recovery varies from patient to patient, you can help your loved one get better faster by providing a safe and nurturing environment. While some patients may only need minimal assistance after a stroke, others may need 24 hour home care in Summit to ensure safety and comfort. You’ll likely need to take extra steps to ensure that your own health doesn’t suffer as well. The caregiving experience if often stressful, and you and your family member will both need support to enjoy the most favorable outcomes.

Making Home Safe

Moving around the house and performing everyday tasks can be difficult following a stroke. You may need to make improvements like building a ramp for a wheelchair or moving a bedroom downstairs so that your loved one doesn’t have to climb stairs. Installing grab bars in the bathroom will make it easier for your family member to use the space. Remove throw rugs to help prevent falls, and arrange furnishings so that your loved one has unobstructed paths.

Communicating with Your Family Member

Stroke survivors often have thinking and speaking challenges that make it hard to communicate. You’ll need to speak more slowly and simply to your loved one and allow more time for your family member to respond. Keeping noise levels down in the home helps facilitate communication, and using props and visual cues like hand gestures and drawings can be helpful as well.

Preventing a Second Stroke

People who have had a stroke are at a higher risk for a second stroke, but you can help minimize that risk by ensuring that your loved one continues therapy, keeps doctor appointments and takes the proper medications. Making lifestyle changes can also help prevent stroke recurrence and can include cooking healthy, low-fat meals and encouraging exercise on a daily basis.

Getting Help

Ask friends or family members to take over for you for a few hours every week or consider using professional, hourly home care services in Summit. Caring for a stroke survivor is an emotionally demanding and physically taxing responsibility, but taking time out to relax and rejuvenate can give you the strength you need to provide the best level of care.

If your aging parent or loved one has recently suffered a stroke and you need assistance with their care, contact the Summit stroke care specialists at Home Care Assistance. Our Care Managers can answer any questions you may have about our care services or highly trained stroke caregivers and can also help you schedule a free consultation for more information. To request your in-home consultation, contact 908-450-9400 today.