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Post-Stroke Care: Tips for Caring for a Senior at Home

Strokes are often extremely devastating to seniors. A stroke may leave a person paralyzed, unable to speak, or challenged with a host of other difficulties. Those providing care for seniors after they have experienced a stroke have an important responsibility to provide a high-level of support. These tips from experienced Summit home care provider, Home Care Assistance, will help families provide the best possible post-stroke care to their aging loved ones.

Remind Yourself to Be Patient

The most important thing during the recovery process is to remain patient with the senior at all times. A stroke often leaves people with cognitive and physical impairments. Remain calm and supportive as your elderly relative performs daily tasks or attempts to communicate. Consider hiring a caregiver in Summit to aid in the recovery process and share responsibility for caring for your loved one if you feel overwhelmed by your new care responsibilities.

Prepare for Personal Care Assistance

Helping your loved one bathe will be one of your primary tasks. To make the process easier, invest in the proper equipment. Installing grab bars in the bath or shower is imperative. Also, get a bathing chair if at all possible. These chairs, aside from allowing the senior to sit during showers, are also a helpful tool in getting the senior in and out of the shower.

Look Into Assistive Devices to Promote Mobility

It’s not uncommon for seniors to have trouble walking after a stroke. One way to help your senior walk is to use a gait belt. Gait belts fasten around the waist and while walking, the caregiver walks slightly behind the senior and firmly holds the gait belt. If the senior becomes unbalanced or starts to fall, the caregiver uses the gait belt to steady the patient. Also, make sure your senior has a walker or four-legged cane to use while moving about until his or her strength and balance improves.

Recovering after a stroke can be an arduous process for some seniors. You can help your loved one through this tough task by being patient and assisting with daily activities like walking and bathing. Learn more about post-stroke care in Summit by calling a trusted Summit Home Care Assistance Care Manager at (908) 450-9400.