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3 Movies for a Senior Audience

Finding current films that appeal to an elderly audience can sometimes be difficult, but this summer there are a number of movie releases that will entrance your senior loved one. Compiled by a leading provider of senior care in Summit, here are three summer films that will get your loved one into a cozy movie theater and out of the summer heat.

1. Max

Particularly if your loved one belongs to a military family, he or she will love this film, which follows the story of Max, a Belgian Shepherd. Employed for many years as a military dog, Max is deeply attached to his handler, Kyle. When Kyle is killed in Afghanistan, Max is traumatized to such an extent that he won’t obey anyone, except Kyle’s younger brother, Justin. While this story focuses primarily on a narrative about a boy and his dog, seniors will be sure to enjoy the depiction of noble values, like loyalty and selflessness, in the characters. Through twists and turns of this film’s plot, it eventually becomes clear that the moral of this story is to do what’s right and to stand by your loved ones.

2. Love and Mercy

Spanning the early sixties to the late eighties, this film is a portrait of Brian Wilson, the leader of the Beach Boys pop-rock group. Love and Mercy demonstrates the restorative power of love, focusing on the story of Wilson’s broken spirit and the love that helped him heal. For some seniors, seeing this kind of movie alone can feel lonely, so encourage your loved one to let a family member or his or her part-time caregiver in Summit tag along. Even though certain moments in this film are sad, with the companionship of a family member or caregiver, you loved one can appreciate the inspiring message about how having someone who cares can help us overcome obstacles.

3. Minions

If your elderly loved one enjoys animated films, this goofy spinoff flick of Despicable Me is bound to make them smile. In this movie, the team of yellow googley-eyed minions from the Despicable Me films is reunited in a tale that details their long history of looking for a villain worthy of their assistance. While the movie might seem at first like an action movie, Minions is also a comedy that playfully turns the villain-hero dynamic on its head. And, if your loved one is a woman, she is bound to love the fabulous female super villain, Scarlett Overkill.

If you’re looking for ways to help your loved one keep cool this summer, the movies is an good option. However, for seniors who can no longer drive because of physical or cognitive challenges, getting to the theater can be difficult. If your loved one could use some assistance getting around town or around the home, a professional 24/7 caregiver in Summit may be the right choice. Offering around-the-clock assistance and safety monitoring, in addition to transportation and mobility assistance, an expertly trained caregiver from Home Care Assistance can ensure your loved one is comfortable and safe this summer. Reach out to a Care Manager at 908.450.9400 for more information and to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.